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November 05, 2006



Cases like this one should not be used to produce a moral panic and divert attention from the Holocaust of Iraq - by now there have been over 650.000 deaths thanks "America".

The country of Iraq is about to be broken up and its elites have largely fled to safer havens. The place has largely been reduced to a pre-industrial soceity and handed over to the Islamists, the best allies of "America" since they started sponsoring them in Afghanistan.

We must put everything into the fight against Anglo-Fascism and its horrific racist crimes.

Omar Abo-Namous

"Nobody could give them back, even if they gave me several million dollars. Cars and houses, you can buy. Freedom, you can’t buy."

But wait. Don't those Guantanamo inmates hate "our freedom"? They don't share our values (G.W.B.)!

I think the parliamentary investigation is going very well: they are pushing his case as far as possible while "not doing anything" about the case they say they want to deal with first (Khalid Al-Masri) and not caring at all about several other issues, that this "war on terror" has brought including illegal computer-aided search based on religion or descent (Rasterfahndung, of course they are NOW illegal, after they have been completed in most of the districts..).. all in all, everything is going well (after all, at last we get revenge in form of the human sacrifice (Saddam)) ! (i know i should stop being so cynical..)

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