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July 05, 2006



That's so crazy...

Jabba the Tutt

"This is the unintended (intended?) consequence of the Bush administration's relentless assault on the separation of church and state, codified in the US Constitution."

Is this stuff so dumb that no one's even reading it? The only comment, from littleandy, simply dismisses this nonsense. First, Americans know that Delaware is so small that no where in Delaware is two hours away, unless you're walking.

Second, to more substance, separation of church and state is NOT codified in the US Constitution. The US Constitution forbids the US Govenment from establishing a religion. At the time the Constitution was ratified, several States had official, established religions, which the US Constitution forbid the US Government from touching.

This hardly paints a picture of a constitution codifying, demanding or requiring a separation of church and state. And what has the Bush Administration done? Basically, they've allowed the Federal Government to help fund welfare and social programs run by church or faith groups. Some theocracy.

You people pushing this Christian Fascism or Bush Theocracy line simply discredit yourselves to any informed person.


Read the 2006 Platform of the Texas GOP.


P.21 affirms that "America is a Christian Nation and there is no separation of Church and State"

Could have been written by the Taliban - substitue "Islamic" for "Christian".

Do you need me to outline for you how the Southern Baptist Convention has endorsed torture? Basically, the Christian evangelical church in America has become a Cult of Bush.

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