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October 23, 2005



Nice article. Fischer was the key factor that made a left-liberal like myself hope red-green would stay in power. Over the last few years, he was the only voice in international politics I felt I could consistently trust. And there seems little hope that his successor will tackle world affairs with the same energy and independence of thought, though I am glad the Aussenminister will indeed be SPD.

Years ago I was impressed by his discussion of the German-American relationship in his programmatic book Fuer Einen Neuen Gesellschaftsvertrag, and to this day I think his insight on this matter has been overlooked. Fischer represents, I think, the pro-American side of the New Left, yet Bush sycophants like Medienkritik are blind to such distinctions.

That Bush didn't know who Fischer was seems emblematic of his presidency.


Thanks for the recommendation. Yet another book I need to add to my reading list.


In case some of your readers prefer to read the English translation of Joschkas speech:

It was a great speech indeed, therefore we've put a link to his speech at the bottom of our About Us page: http://atlanticreview.org/archives/116-ABOUT-US.html

DAAD is a great program! As a former DAADer you could join the Fulbright Alumni e.V., which is open to all participants of a (university) US-German exchange program.

"Not only is it unusual for a US news outlet to publish anything positive about Joschka Fischer"

Usually they do not publish something negative about Fischer either, do they?

I got the impression that Schroeder was (is) blamed for everything evil, while Fischer was ignored.

Fischer and Powell got along and worked very well. Fischer and Albright as well. I got the impression they were constantly kissing each other. Fischer and Albright that is ;-)

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