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June 06, 2005



Did you happen to read the list of panel-members used for the development of this list? I don't know the precise leanings of this panel, but I do note that the majority of them are university professors. You do know that 72% of american university professors describe themselves as liberal, compared to 15% who list themselves as conservative, right? Would it be fair to paint this as a liberal list? Why must you vilify those who happen to have a different point of view?


Kuch - did you happen to notice that only one of the panel-members was a woman (if you count Phylis Shlafley as female) ? No wonder they included the feminist Betty Friedan in the top ten most dangerous. As for villfying those with a different point of view, check out the contributing journalists for Human Events: Anne Coulter (who champions Joseph McCarthy as an American hero), Patrick Buchanan (anti-Semite) and Michelle Malkin (apologist for the WWII Japanese internment camps). These folks make a nice living villifying anyone in the US or Europe who expresses a progressive point of view.


If this list was represenative of the liberal intelligentsia in America, it would include more academics from major institutions. Most academics would be embarrased to be listed in an article condemning "Democracy and Education" as the 5th most evil book of the 20th century. The actual bias of the list is towards a soft clerical fascism.

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