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February 09, 2005



The SPD's policies are not responsible for the rise of the NPD, but unemployment has to be a big part of the problem. What is the unemloyment rate in Sachsen? 25%?


The follwing statement leads me to believe that the author has a belief that American foreign policy is closely related to that of an organization which is based on Nazi values. "This is where the German variant of right-wing extremism diverges from the American. Yes, Americans insist on American sovereignty, but they believe they have a special covenant with God and it is their mission to bring "Freedom" to all corners of the earth - with bombs if necessary."

The comparison will only be seen as valid by non-Americans who live in countries that are the political decendants of a pre-democracy world. Old world style nations that are inferior both economically and militarily to The United States spawn populations that cannot concieve of the idea of confronting and destroying potential threats to regional or global security. European nations seem to to tolerate tyranny and oppression whilst Americans will not. Do not confuse the resolve to dissolve evil with the facsist, bigotry, xenophobia and hatred practiced by Nazi's.

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