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November 27, 2004


Alfred Brock

I do not believe that Kansas went with the Republican candidates for reasons stemming from anti-slavery issues. It was more base than that. During World War I Billy Sunday bridged the gap between church and state and formed for this nation a polluted philosophy which lives on today in the hatred, anger and fear preached by Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Schuller, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim and Tammy Bakker and others.

A review of Sunday's anti-German rhetoric and pro-war religious attitudes will reveal an almost unbroken connection between the recent election and a fundamental error in American religion and politics which needs to be corrected.

Anger, hatred and greed need to be ripped up from religious pursuits in this country as well as ripping up political associations with churches and other houses of worship.

Our new nation must be simple in application in government and separated from the vagaries and political insanity of evangelical preachers intent on running a 21st century road show for fun and profit.

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